I fell in love with pottery and throwing on the wheel in college.

I had an incredible ceramics professor years ago in college who I learned so much from. He was detail oriented in his throwing techniques and free and abstract in his glazing. It was the best combination.

I was just a beginner and although I loved it, I didn’t really see how I could make selling my own pottery a full time job. I became an art teacher and then had children. Pottery definitely took a back seat to a busy life.

In 2016 I went to a small pottery studio near my home to do something fun for myself and it all came back instantly. I started bringing home so much of my pottery and with nowhere to store it, a friend suggested selling it so I set up a shop on Etsy.

Six months later HGTV magazine found our Etsy shop, then MTV used a sculpture of ours in a museum heist! ABC used our mug on a TV series and Palm Beach Illustrated featured our bowls. We’ve been in Real Homes Magazine and worked with Etsy on Collaborations for worldwide release.

My mom saw my new work and having been a stone carver and sculptor herself, she joined me in the ceramics studio. Here we are years later growing, working hard and selling around the world on Etsy.

We have joined together to each do what we do best and make pottery with beautiful animal sculptures.

Every piece in our shop is individually handmade, hand glazed, and one of a kind.

We hope you find the pieces not only functional but very heartwarming to look at on your night stand, coffee table or even a desk at work.

Check out my other Etsy shop where you’ll find beautiful oil paint prints on canvas.

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